Vaula Fleetfoot


Height: 6’5"
Weight: 160-lb.
Eyes: Amber
Hair: Charcoal black hair
Body Modifications: Back tattoo of the Raven
Class: Wraith

Physical Description: Slender, athletic build with a kind face (see image for accurate representation)

God: Xrune – god of beasts

Village: TBA

Rank: Seventh Fang



Vaula has two children, one boy and girl. The son is the oldest at the age seven and the girl is five. Her husband died of/at (will fill in later). Her parent help her with the children whenever she has to go away or is in need. Her mother is 56 and is a battle shaman, and her father is 61 and military veteran, Fang Spear rank. She had three other siblings, one older brother who is 37 and who is a bard, her older sister is 30 and a religious services shaman for her village, and her younger sister is 17 and still trying to decided her purpose. (Bio in progress)

Vaula Fleetfoot

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