Barundin Battleforge



Age: 52
Height: 4 1/2 feet
Weight: 200 Lbs
Eyes: Emerald Green
Hair: Dark brown mixed with small amount of red
Body Modifications: TBA
Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
Class: Commander

Physical Description: Stout and tightly fitted, looks as if trained all of his life. Battle-forged look, but facial features of that as a nice ( as nice as dwarf comes) kind of look.

Home: TBA

Ancestral Spirit/God: Iron

Rank: 6th class leader



Barundin is of hardy build, being trained in the art of war for many of years as a beardling. his father had made sure to teach all that he knew to the young Barundin, especially in the art of tactics and leadership. His father was a leader, and his father before him, and thus a line of commander dwarfs were made. Barundin has not wed, and has to hide often from the many mistresses of the hold, not wanting to rush into things, since his calling is that of war. He does wish to take a wife, though he just wants it for love, not for money since he thinks many of said mistresses were after just that.

The eldest of four, two brothers and two sisters. His father and mother were caring, but stern, his father mostly making sure to train him. His grandparents live with them, since Dwarves live for so long, and helped train Barundin in the arts of war and being a commander. Barundin took their training head on, ready to make them all proud of his abilities. his handiwork as hard to make specific, due to him being able to switch hands so easily, but it proved useful.

His mother was just a simple house wife, his father and grandfather both being commanders, and the grandmother was the head of the family for a major part. His first eldest brother went to be a smith, wanting to help keep his eldest brother’s gear in tip top shape, as well as his second brother, who became a warrior to the household and guard now and then. one of his sister is training to become a healer, seeing a lack of them in the kingdom, and the other is studying to become a trade’s woman.

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Barundin Battleforge

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